Tech Blend appoints president

Tech Blend and Co. LP, a producer of black concentrates for thermoplastics, is pleased to confirm the return of Manouk Djoukhadjian as President and CEO.

Mr. Djoukhadjian held the position of President and CEO from 2004 to 2012. He resigned in 2012, to pursue other business interests, including setting up the Manouk Djoukhadjian Family Foundation, a charity to support academically accomplished students who are in financial need to complete their high school education and complete their training for higher level institutions. He had remained on Board of Directors and when the opportunity to purchase the company arose Mr. Djoukhadjian exercised his option to buy Tech Blend.

“I am very pleased and excited to return and continue to lead Tech Blend in its growth and market development. We are in a dynamic industry with interesting growth opportunities”, stated Manouk on this occasion.


About Tech Blend

Tech Blend is a leading North American producer, and largest Canadian manufacturer, of black concentrates for the thermoplastics market. It serves key markets including pipes, films, agricultural and construction films, geo-membrane, automotive, packaging, material handling and storage, etc.

Tech Blend offers the plastic processing industry a wide range of high quality products, for quick and immediate delivery, and has numerous tailor-made concentrates developed in conjunction with our customers to meet their specific and proprietary requirements. Tech Blend is an ISO 9001 certified company.