Sustainable Development

Tech Blend and the Environment

Tech Blend s.e.c., established in 1999, in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, produces chemical enhanced plastic resins that help provide UV protection and extend product life on many finished plastic products.

Our products are in agricultural applications such as mulch films, geo-membrane sheet for pond and reservoir liners, mining, and erosion control systems, irrigation pipe and tubing. They are also used for automotive parts, bags and industrial liners, food packaging, and thousands of molded parts used every day in industrial, commercial and home products.

The carbon black we add to various polyolefin based resins, is the most cost effective manner to protect products from degradation due to exposure to ultra-violet light. Ultra-violet light over time can degrade polymers, fading color and making the product brittle. In other colors, expensive UV stabilizers must be added to provide similar protection levels.

Tech Blend helps the environment in other ways. Our general purpose grades of black concentrates incorporate recycled plastics. Several million pounds of post industrial and post consumer plastic material is eliminated from landfill or incineration, while at the same time reducing the need for virgin materials and thus further saving energy. Anyone concerned about the environment will appreciate the reduction of greenhouse gases this achieves. The Environmental Preferable Product List, provided by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA)based in the United States, have Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) testing confirming that use of recycled polyethylene versus virgin resin significantly reduces overall environmental impacts without any known trade-offs. (EPP-2007)

By saving energy, reducing or preventing pollution, Tech Blend assists in conserving natural resources as much as possible through our use of recycled materials.

In turn, many of our customers will use a percentage of recycled plastics in their finished products, furthering the reductions of both materials sent to landfill, and reduce demand for virgin materials. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) project in conjunction with U.S. Green Building Council encourages the use of certified recycled product content materials made by our clients.

During the expansion of our plant in 2007, we took advantage of technologies and systems to increase our energy efficiency and improve air quality. In 2011 all light fixtures were changed to lower wattage ballast lighting in cooperation with Hydro-Quebec program for reduced energy consumption.

The Tech Blend plant follows all directives for Responsible Care in handling and disposal of all raw materials. Products that can be recycled, such as used wooden pallets and boxes are accumulated and sold to local recycling firms.

We know that it takes doing everything a little better, more efficiently and using less energy that eventually add up to big changes for sustainability. Tech Blend will continue in our commitment to this mandate.