Our Products


When you become a Tech Blend customer you gain access to the full array of our highest quality Tech Master products. Choose from one of our standard grades or if you have a demanding production challenge, then Tech Blend’s Sales and Customer Support specialists will be happy to work with you to develop custom solutions to meet or exceed your individual requirements.

Cast and Blown Film Applications

Tech Blend’s line of film grade concentrates will meet your needs for uniform opacity and easy dilution and dispersion.

Tech Blend produces general purpose film grades, as well as products designed for longer UV weathering stability and other special applications. Our master batches provide the properties that cover a wide range of end-uses from trash bags and industrial liners to mulch film and other agricultural and construction applications.

Molding and Compounding Concentrates

Tech Blend produces concentrate grades that are well-suited to various molding processes. Our technology provides the consistency in both particle size and particle size distribution. They can be used alone or in conjunction with other additives and stabilizers.


In addition to being a major supplier to the corrugated pipe industry, our concentrates are used in conduits, other agricultural, industrial, and residential pipe products, as well as sheet. Thin or thick, small diameter or large, Tech Blend has the extrusion grade black best suited to your extrusion process and product application.